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'A Confession of worshipping the depraved and perverse Human Psyche
in an Insalubrious and Pathological Context'

CDr. Split with Painforged.

 1. Kaolo
2. Kaolo II
3. The heads of beasts needed sex

Three tracks of 'different' Gnaw Their Tongues material.

Kaolo: Bugelhorns/live drums/live Timpani/voice.
A dark improv ritual for the dying.

Kaolo II: Organ/live drums/guitars/bassguitars/violin/voice.
Video of this track
Demons invocation through self-immolation.

The heads of beasts needed sex: bowed bass/live drums/live Timpani/noises/spoken word.
Universal filth impaled with perversity. 100 copies.

Packaged in a DVD-Box + black CDR. Released on Shadowgraph records.
Sold out. Dowload stream:



In Hoc Signo Vinces - 4 way split CD (2010)
The Slaughtered Lamb / Halo Of The Sun / Gnaw Their Tongues / The Arm And Sword Of The Bastard God
Released on Black Goat Records. Sleeve art not by Mories.


 'Tsutomu Miyazaki' - cassette ep march 2010

Side A: 01. Erika. Cold. Cough. Throat. Rest. Death.
02. Mari. Cremated. Bones. Investigate. Prove.
Side B: Tsutomu Miyazaki

This is the follow up to the free Issei Sagawa EP from 2007. It's similar themed:
this time another Japanese murderer. Gruesome and sick: Tsutomu Miyazaki.
"Tsutomo Miyazaki" was released in an edition of 150 individually hand-numbered copies,
white shell cassettes with on-body printing,
housed in a clear plastic cassette case, with red silk-screen printed J-cards on thick white stock.
Red and white ink silk-screen printed wrap-around cover on thick black
stock and sealed with a white ink silk-screen printed Japanese-style obi strip on thick red stock.
A set of limited edition silk-screen printed T-shirts where available with the 'Tsutomo Miyazaki' design on the front and the
Hell Lies In Others logo on the back in red ink. T-shirts where available in black, grey or white.
Released on Hell Lies In Others.


The Blotched And The Unwanted - Digital Album.
1. Tomb
2. Massgrave Hymn
3. An erotic beheading
4. Rape In Early Spring
5. Bloedkorst
6. Untitled
7. Lightless
8. Scatological Meditation
9. Prayer For The Bloodred Rain

Unreleased, old, new, sick, unwanted, dead material for corruption of souls.
Recorded between 2006 and 2010. Download also includes high-res sleeve
intented for a DVD-Box + blotched.. wallpaper. Download only!
Will not be released in any other format.
Two dollars for +60 minutes of music in lossless (flac) cd quality.




 My womb is barren and i want revenge II - Digital. Free download.

 Twenty minute track from 2008. Originally released as part of a sold out 4 way split cdr on Insult records. Download for free.


'L'arrivée de la Terne Mort Triomphante' CD/Digipack/LP

01. L'arrivée de la terne mort triomphante
02. Les anges frémissent devant la mort
03. La mort dans toute son ineffable grandeur
04. Le chant de la mort
05. Le trône blanc de la mort

Fifth Gnaw Their Tongues full lenght.
A five track concept album about death.
Released in the US by Crucial Blast Records (digipack with tshirt deal/digipack).
In the UK/EU by Candlelight Records.
Vinyl version (with slightly different art) released by Burning World Records.
This album is different from 'all the dread..'. The sounds here are all inspired by death.
Introspective, contemplative, still dark as fuck.
It features some of my most depressive/bombastic/melodic tracks.