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'Die mutter wählt das todtenkleidchen' re-release of the 2008 Ep. CD

1. leichenbergen
2. and the waters shall prevail upon the earth (from Die mutter)
3. eaten by the messenger of the light (from Die mutter)

4. tod ist nur tod (new track)

5. 29 Needles (from Die mutter)
6. die mutter wählt das todtenkleidchen (from Die mutter)

7. blood drenched altars (From Dawn Breaks Open...)
8. knife...martyr...despair (From Dawn Breaks Open...)
9. dawn breaks open like a wound that bleeds afresh (From Dawn Breaks Open...)

10. I am the Lord and there is no other; I make the light, I create darkness...(new track)

Re-release of 'die mutter wählt das todtenkleidchen' + "Dawn Breaks Open Like A Wound That Bleeds Afresh" + 3 new extra songs!
Die mutter.. was originally released 2007 in a number of 100 copies.
Dawn Breaks Open Like.. was originally released 2007 in a number of 150 copies.
Now out in a gorgeous three panel digipack + sticker.
All chaotic sinister fast black metal/doom/noise fuck ups/offs.
My most 'black metal' sounding stuff. Released on Universal Conscious Records.


 'Rend each other like wild beasts, till earth shall reek with midnight massacre' LP may 2009 Vinyl only! 300 copy's.

Side A: “rend each other like wild beasts, till earth shall reek with midnight massacre”
Side B: I “then shall they come, oh master, shrieking from red battle fields to people thy dark realms”
Side B: II -"in sullen silence stalks forth pestilence"

First 50 with exclusive shirt. Pro thick cover + printed innersleeve + thick vinyl.
Three long harsh shrieking and droning tracks. Sold out.


 'All the dread magnificence of perversity' 2xlp/cd/digital download/Wooden Box.

 01. My orifices await ravaging
02. Verbrannt und verflucht
03. Broken fingers point upwards in vain
04. The stench of dead horses on my breath and the vile of existence in my hands
05. l’Ange qui annonce la fin du temps
06. Gazing at me through tears of urine
07. Rife with deep teeth marks
08. All the dread magnificence of perversity
09. The gnostic ritual consumption of semen as embodiment of wounds teared in the soul

(Vinyl only)
10. Thee, I invoke, Akephalou
11. I hear only the clanking of the scythe
12. A promise of revenge whispered from stitched lips

Full Lenght number four. Cd version released by Crucial Blast. 2xLP (Black/gold vinyl)/Woodenbox (see picture) version released by Burning World Records.
This took an enormous amount of energy, sweat and blood. Hours and hours of recording, editing, mixing.
Many very late night sessions. It contains familiar aspects of the 'gnaw' sound and also some new/unheard sounds!