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'Spit at me and wreak havoc on my flesh' cdr '06 Out of print.

1. a burned offering
2. spit at me and wreak havoc on my flesh
3. stabmovement and skinning essay
4. ...gnaw their tongues in pain
5. healing open wounds with salt
6. seven heads and ten horns (mp3)
7. death, suffering and death

Debut Full-lenght; released in 2006 as CDR. Material recorded from 2004 to 2006;
ranging from avantgarde blackmetal to slow droning doom to trance inducing chaos.
The material is ridden with samples from the bible, a explanation of an autopsy, to drugs confession of ex-prostitutes.
Grim music and even grimmer subjects. Handmade cardboard sleeve. Will be re-issued 2011.


'Horse Drawn Hearse' EP Cdr '06

1. the behemoth crawls ashore
2. horse drawn hearse (mp3)
3. another study in bleakness and despair

Second release; released in 2006 as CDR. Material recorded in 2006; Low, slow, harsh and creepy.
Extreme slow droning funeral doom with paranoid shrieking on top.
Features a sermon on hell; bible book revelations; and death.
Uneasy, severly disturbed en generally fucked up. Like slowly beating bodies to a pulp and really enjoying it.
Handmade cardboard sleeve. Order: here